ust a one hour flight from Seoul and 80 km off the southern coast of the Korean peninsula lies Jeju Island.
It was formed by a volcanic eruption and today several hundred craters can be found on the island. Halla Mountain (1950m) a National Park in the center of the island is also an inactive volcano and a great hiking experience. The island is largely covered with forest and a unique high growing grass

The island has an oval shape and is 70 km from east to west and 30 km from north to south. The shores are mostly volcanic rock with a few sandy beaches. Places to visit include lava caves, craters, waterfalls, two folk-villages, Buddhist temples and some of the 62 surrounding islands.
Public transportation is well developed and accommodations from 1st class hotels to private lodging houses is available to the traveler. Fresh fish and seafood as well as some typical island dishes make for wonderful meals.
Jeju City on the north coast is the island s capital where the airport and main ferry boat terminal are located. Sogwipo City, on the picturesque southern coast, has a more relaxed atmosphere and the best diving in Korea at its doorstep


The shores of Jeju Island enjoy a subtropical climate due to warm water currents from the East China Sea. The warm season is long (April to November) and winters are short and mild. The highlands of Halla Mountain have significantly lower temperatures and regular snowfall in winter. Jeju s rainy season lasts from mid June to mid July when the island gets heavy monsoon rainfalls. Jeju has a total annual rainfall of approximately 2700 mm and in many years half of that rain falls during the rainy season.

By plane

Most visitors come to Jeju by plane. Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Jeju Air, Eaststar Jet, JinAir and Busan Air fly in from major cities on the Korean peninsula several times a day. All Airlines use big commercial aircraft like the Airbus A 300, Boeing 737 or Boeing 747. The flight time from Seoul to Jeju is 1 hour.
There are also a few direct flights from Japan and China (Shanghai and Bejing) to Jeju International Airport Travelers who arrive in Korea at Inchon International Airport from overseas have to transfer by shuttle bus to Seoul Gimpo Airport Domestic Terminal to get their connecting flight to Jeju. These buses leave every 10 minutes in front the main building. The transfer takes about 30 minutes.

By ferry

Ferry boats run from Inchon, Mokpo, Wando and Pusan to Jeju City and from. Prices start at KRW 17.000 one way.
The fastest connection to Jeju is from Mokpo or Wando within 3 1/2 hours (daily service, Phone: 061 - 243 1927 for Mokpo, 061 - 554 8000 for Wando)
Pusan to Jeju takes 11 hours and runs 4 times a week overnight only (Phone: 051 - 463 0605).

Inchon to Jeju takes 15 hours and runs 3 times a week overnight only (Phone: 032 - 889 7800)

Schedules may change according to weather conditions so you'd better call the above numbers to get any last minute information. At most of these numbers Korean might be the only language to comunicate.


The Airport Limousine Bus runs every 20 minutes between Jeju International Airport and Sogwipo. It departs in front of the the main terminal and on its way to Sogwipo it will also stop in downtown Jeju City and some major hotels at Jungmun Resort. The bus stop for BIG BLUE 33 is Sogwipo Port. This bus operates from 6:30 am to 9:50 pm and usually meets the last flight coming in. The bus fare is 5.000 Won. If you arrive in Sogwipo during our business hours (9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.) please call the dive shop at (064)733 1733. We will pick you up from the bus stop. If you arrive after our business hours please catch a taxi for the basic fare of 1.600 Won at the bus stop in Sogwipo. If the driver does not know the hotel you want to go to, please show him the phone number. Then he can call your hotel and get instructions.

A Taxi from Jeju Airport or Jeju Ferry Terminal to Sogwipo will cost about 25.000 -30.000 Won.

Buses run from Jeju City Bus Terminal and Sogwipo City Bus Terminal to many places on the island for a most reasonable price. We can give you detailed information at Big Blue 33.

If you wish to rent a car, please let us know. We will make a reservation for you. Either an international or Korean driving license is required to rent a car in Korea.


Here are a few places to stay near BIG BLUE 33. Most places rent double rooms only but with the Korean style rooms you can bring a third or even a fourth person for a minimal extra charge. Please note that none of these places has a restaurant nor serves breakfast. Rates are per room/night. Please pick a place if you want us to make a reservation for you. To make a reservation please send an email to BIG BLUE 33.

Jeju Hiking Inn has small rooms with western style double bed, private bathroom and air conditioning for 22.000 Won. The twin bed rooms for 2 or 3 people are 30.000 and the family room with 1 double bed and a double deck bed are 40.000 Won. Warm water is on now 24 hours a day. This place has the feel of a backpacker hotel and is popular with foreigners. The receptionist speaks fluent English and is very helpful. There is a free internet room and they rent bicycles to hotel guests for 10.000 Won a day. Laundry service available. 6 minutes walking distance from BIG BLUE 33. Phone: 064 - 763 2380 www.hikinginn.com

Yurak Jang Motel has again renovated 12 of their rooms. The place is very recommendable and its rooms for 30.000 Won single or double occupancy are very good value. All rooms have double beds, no twins. They take credit cards. All rooms are clean and have double beds, private bath, TV, refrigerator and air conditioning. 5 minutes walking distance from the dive shop. Helpful owner but no English is spoken. Phone: 064 -732-1277

Pada Pung Kyong Minbak is located near Sogwipo port opposite of the Airport Limousine Bus stop. Most of the well furnished Korean or Western style rooms have a view on the port and the islets of Munsom and Saesom. All rooms are very clean, have double beds, air-conditioning, TV, private bath and a refridgerator. The bigger rooms have small cooking facilities. No twin bed rooms available. Prices depending on season and size are from KRW 40.000 to 100.000. 5 minutes walking distance to BIG BLUE 33. Phone: 010-9667 2111 www.ollegiltour.com.

Shinsung Hotel is a rather new hotel near BIG BLUE 33. They have 3 categories of rooms. All are clean, well furnished, have an air-conditioner, a private bathroom, double beds, TV and refrigerator. No twin bed rooms available. Rooms on the 2nd floor are KRW 50.000. All rooms on the 3rd and 4th floor have internet access and a computer in the room. They are KRW 60.000. The two-room suits on the 5th floor are KRW 180.000. This Hotel has a parking lot for guests. 5 minutes walking distance from BIG BLUE 33. See their website at www.shinsunghotel.com Phone: 064 - 732 1415